Terms & Conditions

We hope that there won't be any issues or problems. However if anything arises that our customers are not happy with we will do our utmost to remedy the problem. We are friendly and are pretty certain that most issues can be sorted out to the acceptance of both parties.

Although this will virtually never happen please allow up to twenty-eight days for delivery (although almost always delivery is within a few days).

We unfortunately cannot pay for the postage of any returns.

We remind private customers of the Customer Contract Regulations, which allow customers a fourteen day 'cooling-off' period. We suggest that customers research online in more detail to understand the complete set of rights they have regarding purchases and transactions. Thanks.

With any problems that may arise we will often offer a credit note for a wholesaler's next purchase. We hope this is acceptable. Ta!
For wholesale customers - naturally we sell our bits and pieces to you with the understanding that we are very happy for you to sell our products. Needless to say, the retailer who initially purchases our items should not sell them on (or give them) to a third party for them to sell them (this would be a breach of our terms and conditions). This is just because since we try to be an ethical business we wish to be the ones who decide who sells our items. Thanks...
Also, we do not enter into 'sale or return' agreements. In the exceptional circumstances where we may agree to do so, this agreement must be in writing.

Finally, as with all retailers, we shall assume that our wholesale customers have read and agreed to our terms and conditions. 

I can't think of anything else at the moment. I'm sure we'll sort anything out if ever there is anything in a friendly manner.

Most of the artistic designs on our website are original and unique to Banana Meinhoff. Where copyright does not belong to us we have sought the permission of the copyright holder(s) to use their image. In most cases this has been achieved. In the rare exceptions where we were unable to track down the license holder - we apologise; we really really tried. If anyone knows the license holder or is the license holder - please get in touch. We will be happy to cooperate fully and make any amendments required. Thanks! The Banana Meinhoff Team...