Bespoke Services

General Services:

•    Design Work of promotional materials (for artists, musicians, and businesses we like)… Fliers, cards, posters, banners, leaflets, stickers (vinyl and non-vinyl), promotional decals for vehicles (for example), etc.
•    Printing (of the above, and more)
•    We also design, arrange photographs, and print postcards and greetings cards for venues/cafés/museums/restaurants etc.

Literary Services:

•    For authors – proof reading, editing, re-writing, reorganising, and arranging for the manuscripts/autobiographies/etc. to be printed up into book format
•    Translation Services
•    Design of book covers

               Artistic Services:
•    Order your own original Dadaist/Surrealist Readymade one-off original piece of art. A truly original artwork made for the customer – in the vein of Duchamp…
This is a unique service whereby the customer receives a piece of unconventional, quirky, fun and revolutionary artwork – uniquely for her/him.

N.B. Our Literary and Artistic Services – are available if and when time permits.