About Banana Meinhoff



Hello everybody. First of all, welcome. I hope you like our website.

We are mainly a two person team. We began in 2004 going around music festivals with the items we'd made ourselves. We still make a lot of our items ourselves, or make them in collaboration with others, but nowadays we also appreciate the original design and innovative ideas of others. People who are making products that enhance our lives or make them a little more fun.

We are attempting to be as ethical, environmentally un-harmful, sustainable, fairtrade, original, fun and radical as we can be. And although our merchandise will not always be all of these things it will usually be at least a combination of them.

We are attempting to provide people with an alternative to the sameness of the high street; providing good quality thoughtful original and innovative products and services that hopefully show that clothing, design and lifestyle approaches can indeed be refreshing and different.

We hope you like what we do, and thank you for your visit!

We welcome any queries, questions and insights.

Best Wishes

From the Banana Meinhoff team.