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Fab t-shirts, original images, exclusive to Banana Meinhoff… Set yourself apart with designs that are both retro and futuristic at the same time.

Due to the nature and manner in which we make each individual t-shirt each one will vary slightly. This we hope you will agree adds to their uniqueness and originality and means that each shirt is a one-off.  Many years ago Banana Meinhoff began by hand-painting t-shirts. Due to popular demand, as well as our home-printed t-shirts, we have continued with a range of hand-painted t-shirts.

We use permanent fabric paints which are long-lasting and durable, and in fact there is very little difference between the paints we use for our hand-painted t-shirts and the ones we use for our printed t-shirts.The screen-printed t-shirts are all designed and made by us. And all of our designs are on the best quality 100% cotton pre-shrunk t-shirts.

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This Machine Zaps Fascists

This Machine Zaps Fascists

Ray Gun

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