Ethical Policy

We are anti-capitalists, anti-greed, anti-exploitation, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-discrimination of LGBT people, pro-human rights, pro-equality, pro-global redistribution of wealth, pro-protection of the environment…  And pro-non-violent revolutionary ideas.

And as such we try our very best to live up to our beliefs in our world of business. We don’t always succeed – but we are always open to suggestions to help us achieve an even more environmentally non-destructive and non-exploitative existence… Where and when we do fall short of our ideals – it will usually be because either we were ignorant of the complete facts (for whatever reason) about a given product or service, or because, reluctantly, we weighed up certain issues and couldn’t find/think of a better alternative to the way we were doing things (e.g. using a motor vehicle for deliveries).

•    Do not take advantage of lower employment or manufacturing costs in developing countries
•    Adhere to any Government recognised trading sanctions
•    Will not trade with those countries that we believe to be violators of human rights
•    Refuse to work with any client or prospective client who we have reason to consider exploits humans, animals or the environment unfairly.

The Banana Meinhoff team.